Thursday, June 28, 2012

printed leggings

Hey Divas

So I brought a pair of printed leggings, and I was trying to figure what to wear with them.  So here is 2 ways I would rock it.  Tell me how you would rock printed leggings.

LoVe, Annetteprinted leggings

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bath and Body Works Haul + Small Jewelry haul

Hey Divas

So its that time of the year, the Bath and Body Annual sale. So I was able to get some items. So lets get to it ! ! !

So I had to go back to get something else 

So here is a little jewelry that i pick up over the weekend

Forever 21: $10.80
Forever 21:
Jcpenny's: $12.00   i got them for $7.00
LoVe, Annette

Mia Bella: Beauty Bar

Hey Divas

 I am a big fan of bath and body products. I love to find new lines of bath and body products.  So I found this company called Mia Bella. So they are letting me do a review on there Bella Bar, it is and  a beauty bar.  I wasn't so into the scent of the bar, so I let my mom test it out and here is her review

This beauty bar is so FABULOUS.  It doesn't take to long to lather up.  I am not sure if  this have happen to u, when a soap takes forever to lather up.   Don't have to worry about that, with this soap.  This soap makes me feel so clean and soft at the same time.  It leaves your skin feeling all squeaky clean.  I have never felt this clean with any other soap.  So now i am addicted to this soap.  This will be the only soap that I will used now. Thanks Cheryl for letting my daughter review this soap. About to make my 1st purchase at Mia Bella.

So ladies go check out Cheryl website out, they do bath and body, makeup, candles and so much more

LoVe, Annette 

Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Clean your Makeup Brushes + Brush Guard Review

Hey Divas

So I was cleaning my brushes so I can do a review on this product called: The Brush Guard.  It is suppose to help keep your makeup brushes in the perfect shape after you clean and store them.  It got me thinking while I am cleaning my brushes, mine as well show you how to clean your makeup brushes + and how I clean mine.

Here are the supplies to clean your makeup brushes

  • Dirty Makeup Brushes
  • Baby Oil
  • Baby Shampoo or Makeup Brushes Shampoo
  • Bowl warm water
  • Towel 

  1. Put baby oil, and shampoo into the bowl.  Then put your brushes in the water for 10 to 15 minutes
  2. Rinse brushes with warm water   
  3. Reshape and lay on a towel, let them dry over night
Here are the Brush guards in action. They are holding the shape of the brushes while they dry. 

Here are all my clean brushes. I hate cleaning them. I have so many that it takes forever for me to clean them

Review: The Brush Guard 
So I have gotten a chance to used the brush guards on my makeup brushes.  These are the coolest.  After you are done washing your makeup brushes, all you do is slide these on to the brushes, and let them dry.  They works o well, My brushes look like they did when I 1st bough them.

ladies you have to get some of these, and they are not expensive. For a variety pack it is only 5.50.  The 
variety pack comes with  6 guards:  1 large, 2 Mediums, 1 small and an extra small. If you just want one size package, they are also available and the same prince 5.50.
LoVe, Annette

All Shades Can Wear RED Lipstick

Hey Divas

I was on my Facebook a couple of days ago. I saw this beautiful picture of my Cousin rocking a red lip.  She looked so beautiful, chic and classy. When I made that comment on her picture.  She was like I should do a post on my blog.   About african American (Black Women) women wearing red lipstick. A lot of people say that black women should'nt wear Red lipstick. That it is not flattering on our skin-tone.  By looking at my cousin page and the womens picture above. We can clearly see that we can wear Red lipstick, so here is some loving ladies wearing RED lipstick. 

Light-skin ladies look good in a brighter red, like a true-red shades. Here are some true reds
Mary Kay Really Red
M.A.C L Lady Bug
Makeup Forever: Blue Red

Women who are middle dark skin tone, You have more play when it comes to shades. Can wear rich deep reds
M.A.C: Russian Red, I know it looks bright, but goes on more deep. 
For my dark brown sugars, ladies. I say go for the brightest lipstick you can find.  Since it will make her  skin just pop and make your teeth just bling. 

 I hope this give all my brown skin ladies some confidents and rock a red lip.

LoVe, Annette

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Over The Rainbow

Hey Divas

I was talking to my bf and I was like I want to do something bright and fun, and he was like do different color on each finger. I was like Mmmmmm, lets do it. So here is the finale look. At 1st I wasn't really feeling it, but it is growing on me. What do you divas think?
Pastel Toes 
Rainbow Nails 
China Glaze: Coconut Kiss, Turned Up Turquoise, Tree Hugger, Pink Voltage, Lemon Fizz 
 LoVe, Annette

Music of The Week

Hey Divas

I am so sorry that I haven't done a music of the week. I just been so busy.  Here are some songs and albums that I been rocking in the car and house.
  1. Better - Bow Wow
  2. Bass Down Low - Dev, The Cataracs
  3. King of Hearts - Cassie
  4. Girl Gone - Maonna
  5. Lemme See - Usher
  6. Sex Aint Better Than Love - Trey Songz
  7. Next Breath - Tank 
  8. Wild Ones - Flo Rida
  9. Young, Wild & Free - Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & Burno Mars 
  10. Right By Myself - Nicki Minaj Feat Chris Brown
  11. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
  12. Where Have You Been - Rihanna 
  13. Boyfriend - Jusin Beiber
  14. Hello aldbum  - Karmin
LoVe, Annette

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

healthy Tuesdays: Juicing + some Tea

Hey Divas

So I live in California and it has been hot.  I wanted to drink something healthy and refreshing.  So that mean its time for juicing.  I all so had a taste for some of my new tea that I got from target. The funny thing is my boyfriend has been trying to get me to drink tea, since we been together.  I was always say "babe, its not me."But one day at target saw there target brand of Crystal Light.  They had ice tea with blackberry mix. So I gave it a try and it is very good. 

But back to me wanting to juice.  I was like I wonder if I can blend my fruit with my tea. So here is the outcome, Hope you like

Blackberry Tea  + Juice (kiwi, Strawberry and spinach) 

16 Oz. of Blackberry Tea
1/2 Cup Strawberries
1 Kiwi
Handful of spinach 

Blend everything together

Pour into a cup and ENJOY ! ! !

LoVe, Annette

Review: South Beach Candles

Hey Divas

So today I am bringing you another review.  This review is on a candle company called: South Beach Candle Co.  I was really lucky that they let me do a review there candles.  They sent me 2 9 Oz. candles.  1 in Lemon Cheesecake and another in Peach Bloosom. As soon as I revieced them in the mail, I bust threw the box and lite one of them.

Lemon Chessecake: The uplifting scent of the eyer lemon topped with sweet cream surrounded by gramham cracker, enough to make your month water.

Peach Blossom: Walking throught fields of peach blossoms and bumping into lily of the valleyy in the middle of the path while sending a faint smell of the amber in the air.

I haved had a chance to burn both candles. The 1st one that I burn was Lemon Cheesecake. Don't burn this if you are hungry or have a sweet tooth.  It smells just like it says it is. I can smell the lemon but also cream and some other note still trying to figure out

Peach Blossom, I can smell the Peach but not the lily note.  That there is supposed to be in this candle. But the peach is very settle and not to heavy.

Out of the 2 scents they sent me, I love the lemon Cheesecake, its almost gone. I have been burning it everyday since I received it 

South Beach candles Vs. Other Candles

South beach candles are really nice.  There prices are very respoanle for their size. The ones that they sent me was there 9 oz. candles. It retails at 13.99.  I know thay seems a little high. However if you like to buy Yankee candles, there middle candle is only 7 oz and it is 19.00. have to weight it out. 

More Info
South Beach offers alot of different sizes jars, tarts and warmers. Here are the sizes and price 
9 oz: 13.99
16 oz: 17.99
17 oz: 17.99

Scent shells: for candle warmers
6 pack: 5.00

Shell Warmers

I hope that you give this company a chance, I am in love with them. I can't wait to make my order from them

LoVe, Annette