healthy Tuesdays: Juicing + some Tea

Hey Divas

So I live in California and it has been hot.  I wanted to drink something healthy and refreshing.  So that mean its time for juicing.  I all so had a taste for some of my new tea that I got from target. The funny thing is my boyfriend has been trying to get me to drink tea, since we been together.  I was always say "babe, its not me."But one day at target saw there target brand of Crystal Light.  They had ice tea with blackberry mix. So I gave it a try and it is very good. 

But back to me wanting to juice.  I was like I wonder if I can blend my fruit with my tea. So here is the outcome, Hope you like

Blackberry Tea  + Juice (kiwi, Strawberry and spinach) 

16 Oz. of Blackberry Tea
1/2 Cup Strawberries
1 Kiwi
Handful of spinach 

Blend everything together

Pour into a cup and ENJOY ! ! !

LoVe, Annette


  1. I am a smoothie girl. I make my green smoothies every morning. I use spinach alot but kale is my favorite!! Have you ever tried adding chia seeds? They pack alot of protein and omega fats!


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