Monday, April 30, 2012

Depot M.A.C eyeshadows

Hey Divas

So if you don't know I am an aspiring makeup artist.  So I have a lot of makeup, and I am trying to get organized.  So today I depoted my M.A.C eyeshadows.  I been wanting to do this for forever.  I even had the pallet, just needed to depot them. So I went on to YT and look at a couple of videos on how to depot the M.A.C eyeshadows. So I need to get some wired cutters and some magnet stickers to get started.  So I got all  my supplies together and got  started.  I was doing so good.  When it got to my last one, it broke on me.  It was kinda sad, but only one broke out of 7.  That to me is not bad for my 1st time.  It's not really hard ladies. So get out your eyeshadows and get to depoting.

LoVe, Annette

Here are some items that you will need
Wire cuter
Magnets or Magnet stickers

Here is the video that help me out 

Here are the shadows that i depoted  

Here is my pallet before i depoted
After I depoted the shadows 

After depoting, and organize 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

NOTW: Chevron French Tip with a pop

Hey Ladies

So I been trying to get into nail designs. I see a lot of girls rocking the Chevron French tips. So I decided to try it out. So i used a bright color and top with some glitter. 

OPI: Kiss me on the tulips, Orly: Blue Collard, Sally Hassen Xtreme Wear: Disco Ball

Plus here is the color on my toes 
LoVe, Annette

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nail Polish Haul: Sally's buy 2 and get 1 free

Hey Divas

So here are the colors that I got from sally's beauty supply's nail polish sale. Buy 2 and get one for free. So I paid 13.00 for all 3. The sale ends this month, so make your way down there.

China Glaze:
Turned Up Turquoise, Temptation Carnation, Orly Blue Collar

So I had to show you guys this little mini's of OPI's that I got. When I went to get my hair done at Jc Penny's hair salon, I bought some OPI nail harder and base coat. Since I bought the nail polish, they gave me these mini OPI nail polish. I just not sure what color they are. They are so cute.

LoVe, Annette

Review Time: Mirabling Iphone Cases

Hey Divas

I was contact by Mirabling to do a review on there iphone 3GS phone caese.  They let me pick 2 styles,  so I pick Hexagon Gold, and Leopard Beige.  The cases are so nice and look just like they do on the website. They are made very well.  I can say that, since I had one of the cases on when I drop my phone sat.  It save my phones life. I had other cases on my phone and if you drop it the case will break. So i give this cases a 10 out 10. 

Mirabling also sell cases for iphones and ipads. There prices range from 19.00 - 49.00.  This is inclucding the ipad cases.  

Go check them out:

Here are some pictures of the cases 

Leopard Beige 

Hexagon Gold 

LoVe, Annette 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring is in the air

Hey Divas

Here are some looks that I am going to be rocking for spring.  Hope you enjoy

Spring is in the air

Old Navy dress
$37 -

Old Navy dress
$33 -

$29 -

Old Navy t shirt
$13 -

Old Navy vest
$30 -

Old Navy shorts
$27 -

$186 -

TOMS flat
$44 -

Old Navy sandals
$20 -

Old Navy flip flops
$19 -

Old Navy sandals
$15 -

$32 -

ASOS watch
$45 -

Forever 21 bracelet
$6.80 -

Forever 21 bracelet
$11 -

Forever 21 bracelet
$5.80 -

$12 -

Forever 21 hat
$13 -

Forever 21 belt
$5.80 -

G-Shock Crazy Colour red watch
£85 -

LoVe, Annette

Haul: Old Navy, Ulta

Hey Divas,

So I did a little shopping last weekend. I wanted to go to ulta and get something since they were having 20% off. So I wanted to find some spring nail polish and blushes.  I saw that NYX had stick blushes, I thought they would be good for warm weather. I was only able to find to spring nail polishes. I will still  be looking for some more pastel and bright colors.

Plus I went to ON to make and return.  While there I found a denim jacket.  I been wanted one for a long time, since they are in for the spring and summer.  I have been looking everywhere.  It's funny when not looking for something, that's when you find it. lol 

Old Navy - Denim Jacket, I am going to rock this with dress and shorts.  Great staple for the spring/summer.

Old Navy-Tank was on 5.00, found it on clearance. 

The back is really cute, Have and peep hole.

Better look of the peep hole.

Old Navy- Shorts, Think these be cute with a white tee some toms and nice necklace and fedora 

Essie: Tart Deco, Borrowed and Blue, Nyx stick blush:Pink Lotus, Orchid
LoVe, Annette

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NOTW: Tropical Sunset

 Hey Divas

Here are my nails of the week. I know I usually do my nails on thursday, but I really got lazy and did then yesterday. I wanted to do something bright and colorful. ENJOY

LoVe, Annette

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Healthy Tuesday: Protein Time

Hey Divas

So one of my Instagram, one of my followers wanted me to give here my recipe for my Banana/Spinach Protein shake. So here is the recipe, I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope you guys enjoy healthy tuesday and their be many more to come.  

Banana Peanut and Spinach 

1/2 Banana 
1 Cup of Silk Milk
Handful of Spinach 
1 Tablescope of Peanut Butter
2 scoops Of vanilla Protein powder 
Handful of Ice cubes 

Place all ingredients in a blender and vola' and there is your banana peanut butter protein shake.

LoVe, Annette 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Healthy Tuesday: Nutty Nut Trail Mix

Hi Divas

So I know that I am a day late but here is my Healthy Tuesday.  So today I am going to show how I made my own trail mix. I always love trail mix.  When I became diabetic, it's really hard to eat it since, pre-made trail mix have a lot of fruit and high in carbs, and preservatives in them.  I deiced to try to make my own trail mix.  Here is the recipe that i came up with. Hope you all ENJOY! !  

Nutty Nut Trail Mix

1 Cup of  Unsalted Cashews
1 Cup of Raw Almonds 
1 Cup of Unsalted Peanuts
1 Cup of sunflower Seeds
2 Cups of Raisins 
2 Cups of White Chocolate Chips

Pour all ingredients in a bowl and mix them up. Can pour it in a air tight containers or in small bags.

Here is a close-up 

LoVe, Annette

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Haul: Forever 21, Old Navy, Victoria Secrete, Jc Penny's and Gap

Hey Diva's 

So Saturday my boyfriend and I went to the mall. I need to get ready for spring.  So I was looking for: dress, tanks and some shorts.  I guest it wasn't my day to shop, since I only found a dress, a pair of shorts and some 4 tops.  

I am so proud of myself.  I tried on a dress that I wouldn't have never have tired on, if my boyfriend wasn't there. Since its long, has tiny straps and back is out. My boyfriend gave me the push to try it on. I am happy that he did, It was so nice looking on me.  Made me feel so pretty. Now I just need to find a shurg and and belt to pull together the dress. I cant wait to find it

So instead of me rambling let me show you the pictures of what I got . . . . . 

Bag: from Jc Penny's and it comes w/a coin purse
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Victoria Secrete 

Dress: Old Navy
Shorts: Forever 21+
Top: Gap, and it has buttons that go down the back of it 

Jewelry: Forever 21
L-R: Gap and the bottom right, is from  Jc Penny's 
LoVe, Annette