Healthy Tuesday: Nutty Nut Trail Mix

Hi Divas

So I know that I am a day late but here is my Healthy Tuesday.  So today I am going to show how I made my own trail mix. I always love trail mix.  When I became diabetic, it's really hard to eat it since, pre-made trail mix have a lot of fruit and high in carbs, and preservatives in them.  I deiced to try to make my own trail mix.  Here is the recipe that i came up with. Hope you all ENJOY! !  

Nutty Nut Trail Mix

1 Cup of  Unsalted Cashews
1 Cup of Raw Almonds 
1 Cup of Unsalted Peanuts
1 Cup of sunflower Seeds
2 Cups of Raisins 
2 Cups of White Chocolate Chips

Pour all ingredients in a bowl and mix them up. Can pour it in a air tight containers or in small bags.

Here is a close-up 

LoVe, Annette


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