Friday, July 30, 2010

Pecfect Bras . . . . . Plus Sized

Hey my Plus sized divas. . . . I not sure if you all feel the same way that i do about this subject. Bras ! who likes to go shopping for bras? I know I don't. I get soooo tired and frustrated, trying on this one and that one. Then you get someone to help you. then she doesn't know what she is doing. Then I am like whatever and don't buy anything.

This time, I was determind to find my perfect bra. I made a trip to my Lane Bryant. When I arrived at the store. My Favorite girl salesladie was there. She was like "what you looking for girl". I told her "I am looking for a bra girl". She was like we got some new Bras. One is the Back Smoother Bra, and the other is the T-Shirt bra. So I went and I tried on them both. OMG I fell in love with them both. They my boobs look so good.

The T-shirt is a good bra to wear with tees. It is a seamless bra. It have a little padding, but not wear u can notice. It comes in 3 finishes: Cotton, Lace, and satin

The Back Smoother, did what it says. It smooth out my back fat + made my boobs look good. You even can make the straps crisscross, for back support. Comes only in a satin finish

To my Plus sized divas, Please go check these bras out. We all need a good bra. When you have a good bra makes your clothes look good.


OOTD Jul 30, 2010

Here is My outfit of the day, Just went to lunch with some freinds

Top - Old Navy
Jeans - Jcpennys - A.N.A Jeggins
Shoes (not show) Forever 21 - Yellow Braid sandals


FOTD Sunrise

Here is my makeup for the today. I went out and had lunch with some friends.

Sepohora Press Powder
Lorac baked Matt Blush - Hollywood

Micabella - Gold Rush
Micabella - Brilliance
Micabella - Evoke
Mascara - Maybelline colossal Volume (Glam Blk)

E.L.F- Pink Kiss


What's Your Shape? Pear Shape

Today shape is the Pear shape
: Pears have a larger bottom half than top half. If you are a pear you probably have wide hips, narrower shoulders and a small bust.

Tips How to Dress Your Shape

  • should generally wear dark colors on the bottom.

  • Don't wear a blouse, vest or jacket that stops at exactly hip level.

  • Aim for mid thigh or experiment with short waist length tops if you're not too self conscious about your Hips.

  • Show off you waistline with wide belts and wear blouses with lots of interest like square, cowl or bateau necklines or if you're the romantic type poet shirts or blouses with ruffled collars or broad stripes and bold geometric prints if your more dramatic. (This will take the focus away from your bottom.)

  • Wide leg pants will camouflage wide hips, Stay away from tapered pants, leggings and clingy skirts. absolutely no pencil skirts or skinny jeans.

  • You can wear Strapless dresses and camisoles well . and like the hour glass you look great in a wrap dress too.

  • skirts should be A-line or flared at the hem.

Here Are Some Outfits That Rocks Your Pear Shape

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvorepear


What's Your Shape? Diamond Shape

Today shape is the Diamond shape
The Diamond body type has narrow shoulders. Most of the weight is concentrated around the midriff and the waist isn’t defined. You might have love handles too. The upper and lower bodies are considerably smaller than the middle region.

Tips How to Dress Your Shape

  • Try Loose fitting flowing tops especially empire styles that fit close under the bra line.

  • Bateau necklines, deep v necklines, those that are wider than average , and even horizontal stripes between the bust and shoulder line will add visual width and balance.

  • like the pear type shoulder pads work well for diamonds too. Be sure to use those that will attached to a Bra or inside a camisole to avoid droopy shoulders.

  • Try dresses with a tent or trapeze silhouette, those with cap sleeves are ideal.

  • sleeves will visually widen the shoulder line and the flow of a trapeze dress will camouflage the diamond middle.

  • Never wear tight fitting pants especially pencil jeans or leggings instead look for pants that flare from the hips or knee.

  • A-line or flare skirts that fall at mid calf will also add length and balance to the diamond silhouette

Here An Outfit That Rocks Your Diamond Shape


What's Your Shape? Hourglass Shape

Today shape is the Hourglass's shape: Hourglass figures are round and curvy. They are considered the dream figure to have and many men actually prefer a woman with curves. An hourglass shaped woman has a well-defined waistline and fuller hips and bust. Their shoulders and hips are equal in width. Woman with hourglass shapes can look sultry and seductive or classy and elegant, depending on what they wear and by dressing in the most flattering way for their particular shape.

Tips How to Dress Your Shape

  • Have open necks that create a deep v towards your waist.

  • Define your shoulders, belt at the waist, then taper out at the hips.

  • Show off the thinnest part of your arm, such as three-quarter-length sleeves.

  • When wearing a jacket, Define your shoulders, belt at the waist, then taper out at the hips

  • looking at pants and jeans, look for a subtle boot cut or straight legs to balance out your hips.

  • A medium rise that hits just above your hips

Here A Outfit That Rocks Your Hourglass Shape


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Your Shape? Triangle Shape

Today shape is the Triangle shape: If you are a Triangle you have a larger top half than bottom half, which is the reverse of the Pear shape. Triangles have broad shoulders with proportionally narrow hips.

Tips How to Dress Your Shape

  • Add weight to your hips with flared or A-line dresses and skirts. You need to draw attention downwards so wear brighter, thicker fabrics on your bottom half. Create the illusion of larger hips with pockets, buttons or other details.

  • By contrast, keep details to a minimum on jackets and tops. Shawl collars will flatter the line of your shoulders, and jackets that flare at the hem will give your silhouette balance.
  • Hipster jeans will enhanced your waistline, and boot-cut trousers will widen the lower leg. That will stop you from looking top heavy.

  • Wear fitted tops with deep round or V necks to break up your shoulder line. Keep the look simple and understated, and avoid bulky accessories such as thick scarves and heavy jewelry.

Here Are Some Outfits That Rocks Your Triangle Shape

Tri angle

    triangle skirt

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    What's Your Shape? Apple Shape

    Today shape is the apple shape: People who have and apple shape have a round profiled. They carries her weight in there stomach and bust area. Also tend to have thinner arms and legs.

    TIps How to dress

    • You should wear dresses that fall softly from the bust and have a flared hem to balance out your curves. Dresses and skirts should be knee length to show off your legs.

    • Wear tailored jackets with flare and a simple fastening.

    • Trousers should be wide leg or flared to balance out the width around your centre. Flat-fronted, side-fastening trousers will minimized unnecessary bulk.

    • Your slimmest point is just under the bust so wear tops that are tighter here and skim your stomach.

    Here Are Some Outfits That Rock Your Apple Shape


    apple 2Love.Embrace.Your.Body

    Ladies . . . . . What's Your Shape ?

    Well my plus sized ladies, I am doing a series called: What's Your Shape?. I will do a post everyday of a a different body shape. I will give some tips on how to dress your shape. I hope this helps you ladies out.


    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Does Size Matter. . . . . Hung Up On The Xl

    Why do women focused on numbers and letters, when it comes down to clothes. I think It all starts with out weight, and not wanting people to know how much we weigh. How many divas have lied on there Divers License about your weight? I know i have, scared what people would say.

    Plus we have an hung up about people knowing our clothing tags size. Then people would know your real sized. Without the tag you can lied about our sized or weight. But if your friends see your tag, they will know the real you.

    I was one of those women. where i was only plus sized girl in my group of friends. So I wouldn't want to go shopping with them. Since we couldn't shop in the same store, Plus I didn't want them to know my true sized. I still struggle with this issue sometimes in my life. But everyone has a bad day.

    Look at me now, it took me a long time to get to this point. Were I don't care about the tag sized anymore. What matters is how it fits on your body. I rather go up a sized or down a sized. To make sure that it fits right. Not having my clothes look a hot mess on, where i am struggling putting my pants or, or trying to zip them up. Women don't know by doing that, you end up with a muffin top.

    LADIES let go of the XL and welcome the right sized !


    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Who Say We........ Can't Look Hot In A Swimsuit

    Well this year was my first time wearing a swimsuit. I always had these excuses to not wear one. You know what they are ladies. I need to lose some weight before I can put one on, I want find one in my sized, People gonna laugh at me. I can go on for while with all our thoughts and feelings. Then something hit me one day. "what if i never lose the weight and all other problems I have about wearing a swimsuit. So I was like what the hell, I am going to get me a cute, sexy swim suite and be happy with my body. The body that god gave me.

    So I thought that this was gonna be easy task, to find a cute sexy plus sized swim suite. Well I started to look, and I was coming up kinda short. I started to think maybe I will never find a swimsuit that is cute. I kept finding ugly, big flower print swim suites. Something that my mom or grandmother would wear. Why do designers, think since we are plus sized that we don't want to look good and sexy, just like other people in the world (skinny people). I want to look cute and sexy just like they do.
    I wanted to find something for my age, something cute and sexy u know? Then I found some, but they was a little pricey. I am diva on a budget, go to find something in my budget.

    The I was in Old Navy and there it was ladies . It was so cute. It was bright and colorful just like i am. When I take pic, I will upload them.

    So to my Plus Sized Divas, Go out there and find you a cute sexy swimsuit, and post pic of you in them on my blog. I would love to see you in them.

    Here is some cute swim suites i found that are cute


    Hello My Plus Sized Divas

    I am a plus sized diva on a budget. My favorite place to shop is having a a major sale. Torrid is having a sale of 50% off already marked down clearance items, so you're saving up to 85%!! So go to a store of shop online. Hope you find some fabulous items, i know i will.


    Friday, July 16, 2010

    Men. . . Daiting. . . . . . Plus Sized

    I think it is so hard to date. its our generation ladies. Plus on top of that, I am a plus sized women. It is hard to find a guy who loves a girl with some extra meat on her bones. I wish that people would love someone for who they are, inside and out. But no thats is not the case. We are in 2010 people we should just get over this. There are so many plus sized women who are sexy and beautiful in this world. There are guys that are out there. that like girls with some meat on there bones. However are scared to tell there friends and family. One thing that I have notice. That now there are showing more plus sized women getting the man in movies and TV. I guest that give us hope. But you know what my beautiful Plus Sized women, this is our time. We are here and they better get used to it