Who Say We........ Can't Look Hot In A Swimsuit

Well this year was my first time wearing a swimsuit. I always had these excuses to not wear one. You know what they are ladies. I need to lose some weight before I can put one on, I want find one in my sized, People gonna laugh at me. I can go on for while with all our thoughts and feelings. Then something hit me one day. "what if i never lose the weight and all other problems I have about wearing a swimsuit. So I was like what the hell, I am going to get me a cute, sexy swim suite and be happy with my body. The body that god gave me.

So I thought that this was gonna be easy task, to find a cute sexy plus sized swim suite. Well I started to look, and I was coming up kinda short. I started to think maybe I will never find a swimsuit that is cute. I kept finding ugly, big flower print swim suites. Something that my mom or grandmother would wear. Why do designers, think since we are plus sized that we don't want to look good and sexy, just like other people in the world (skinny people). I want to look cute and sexy just like they do.
I wanted to find something for my age, something cute and sexy u know? Then I found some, but they was a little pricey. I am diva on a budget, go to find something in my budget.

The I was in Old Navy and there it was ladies . It was so cute. It was bright and colorful just like i am. When I take pic, I will upload them.

So to my Plus Sized Divas, Go out there and find you a cute sexy swimsuit, and post pic of you in them on my blog. I would love to see you in them.

Here is some cute swim suites i found that are cute



  1. I'm a size 14 and I love the vintage look, looking around I found this super cute vintage inspired swimsuit. Its a little pricey for my but super worth it. the site is modcloth.com. There sizes a a bit funky though.


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