Does Size Matter. . . . . Hung Up On The Xl

Why do women focused on numbers and letters, when it comes down to clothes. I think It all starts with out weight, and not wanting people to know how much we weigh. How many divas have lied on there Divers License about your weight? I know i have, scared what people would say.

Plus we have an hung up about people knowing our clothing tags size. Then people would know your real sized. Without the tag you can lied about our sized or weight. But if your friends see your tag, they will know the real you.

I was one of those women. where i was only plus sized girl in my group of friends. So I wouldn't want to go shopping with them. Since we couldn't shop in the same store, Plus I didn't want them to know my true sized. I still struggle with this issue sometimes in my life. But everyone has a bad day.

Look at me now, it took me a long time to get to this point. Were I don't care about the tag sized anymore. What matters is how it fits on your body. I rather go up a sized or down a sized. To make sure that it fits right. Not having my clothes look a hot mess on, where i am struggling putting my pants or, or trying to zip them up. Women don't know by doing that, you end up with a muffin top.

LADIES let go of the XL and welcome the right sized !



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