Pecfect Bras . . . . . Plus Sized

Hey my Plus sized divas. . . . I not sure if you all feel the same way that i do about this subject. Bras ! who likes to go shopping for bras? I know I don't. I get soooo tired and frustrated, trying on this one and that one. Then you get someone to help you. then she doesn't know what she is doing. Then I am like whatever and don't buy anything.

This time, I was determind to find my perfect bra. I made a trip to my Lane Bryant. When I arrived at the store. My Favorite girl salesladie was there. She was like "what you looking for girl". I told her "I am looking for a bra girl". She was like we got some new Bras. One is the Back Smoother Bra, and the other is the T-Shirt bra. So I went and I tried on them both. OMG I fell in love with them both. They my boobs look so good.

The T-shirt is a good bra to wear with tees. It is a seamless bra. It have a little padding, but not wear u can notice. It comes in 3 finishes: Cotton, Lace, and satin

The Back Smoother, did what it says. It smooth out my back fat + made my boobs look good. You even can make the straps crisscross, for back support. Comes only in a satin finish

To my Plus sized divas, Please go check these bras out. We all need a good bra. When you have a good bra makes your clothes look good.



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