Spring Haul: Forever 21, Old Navy, Victoria Secrete, Jc Penny's and Gap

Hey Diva's 

So Saturday my boyfriend and I went to the mall. I need to get ready for spring.  So I was looking for: dress, tanks and some shorts.  I guest it wasn't my day to shop, since I only found a dress, a pair of shorts and some 4 tops.  

I am so proud of myself.  I tried on a dress that I wouldn't have never have tired on, if my boyfriend wasn't there. Since its long, has tiny straps and back is out. My boyfriend gave me the push to try it on. I am happy that he did, It was so nice looking on me.  Made me feel so pretty. Now I just need to find a shurg and and belt to pull together the dress. I cant wait to find it

So instead of me rambling let me show you the pictures of what I got . . . . . 

Bag: from Jc Penny's and it comes w/a coin purse
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Victoria Secrete 

Dress: Old Navy
Shorts: Forever 21+
Top: Gap, and it has buttons that go down the back of it 

Jewelry: Forever 21
L-R: Gap and the bottom right, is from  Jc Penny's 
LoVe, Annette 


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