Depot M.A.C eyeshadows

Hey Divas

So if you don't know I am an aspiring makeup artist.  So I have a lot of makeup, and I am trying to get organized.  So today I depoted my M.A.C eyeshadows.  I been wanting to do this for forever.  I even had the pallet, just needed to depot them. So I went on to YT and look at a couple of videos on how to depot the M.A.C eyeshadows. So I need to get some wired cutters and some magnet stickers to get started.  So I got all  my supplies together and got  started.  I was doing so good.  When it got to my last one, it broke on me.  It was kinda sad, but only one broke out of 7.  That to me is not bad for my 1st time.  It's not really hard ladies. So get out your eyeshadows and get to depoting.

LoVe, Annette

Here are some items that you will need
Wire cuter
Magnets or Magnet stickers

Here is the video that help me out 

Here are the shadows that i depoted  

Here is my pallet before i depoted
After I depoted the shadows 

After depoting, and organize 


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