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Hey Divas

So today I am bringing you another review.  This review is on a candle company called: South Beach Candle Co.  I was really lucky that they let me do a review there candles.  They sent me 2 9 Oz. candles.  1 in Lemon Cheesecake and another in Peach Bloosom. As soon as I revieced them in the mail, I bust threw the box and lite one of them.

Lemon Chessecake: The uplifting scent of the eyer lemon topped with sweet cream surrounded by gramham cracker, enough to make your month water.

Peach Blossom: Walking throught fields of peach blossoms and bumping into lily of the valleyy in the middle of the path while sending a faint smell of the amber in the air.

I haved had a chance to burn both candles. The 1st one that I burn was Lemon Cheesecake. Don't burn this if you are hungry or have a sweet tooth.  It smells just like it says it is. I can smell the lemon but also cream and some other note still trying to figure out

Peach Blossom, I can smell the Peach but not the lily note.  That there is supposed to be in this candle. But the peach is very settle and not to heavy.

Out of the 2 scents they sent me, I love the lemon Cheesecake, its almost gone. I have been burning it everyday since I received it 

South Beach candles Vs. Other Candles

South beach candles are really nice.  There prices are very respoanle for their size. The ones that they sent me was there 9 oz. candles. It retails at 13.99.  I know thay seems a little high. However if you like to buy Yankee candles, there middle candle is only 7 oz and it is 19.00. have to weight it out. 

More Info
South Beach offers alot of different sizes jars, tarts and warmers. Here are the sizes and price 
9 oz: 13.99
16 oz: 17.99
17 oz: 17.99

Scent shells: for candle warmers
6 pack: 5.00

Shell Warmers

I hope that you give this company a chance, I am in love with them. I can't wait to make my order from them

LoVe, Annette


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