Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Hey ladies, I have been natural since the begging of summer.  I wanted to give my hair a break from all the stress.  From press, to flat ironing.  In June, told myself lets go natural.  Let's see how it works out.  The 1st couple of days I was struggling.  Tryng to find what my hair need and love.  On top of that, find some styles that work for me.  I still working on that but, still want to show you some styles that i wear.  Plus when i find a new style will show you ladies that as well. 

So lets get to the styles..............

Hairstyle #1
2 hair curly puffs: this is a easy style. just part your hair into two puffs.  Can do this with a zig zag part, think that would be really cute.  I just thought of that.  Now going to have to try it and show yall.This is a very vestigial hairstyle. Can wear the puff high or low

 Hairstyle #2
half up: so my front in high pony-tail with my back down.  This is one of my favorite styles.  Can do it on wash and go hair.  Well not my hair, I have really bad shrinkage's. 

Hairstyle #3
Fro-hawk: so this is a cool hairstyle. It maybe look hard to do but it is really easy to do. P art your hair into 3-4 sections.  Slick down your sides and put it into pony-tails.  The fluff your puffs, and you are good to to. This style will last me all week.

Hope this makes you want to try natural, or give some new styles to try on your natural hair. 
Love, Annette 


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