Hi my lovely ladies

I AM BACK.  I know it be a very long time since i have posted, i am so sorry.  I been going threw some much. I am not sure if i have told you ladies i am diabetic.  Last couple of years been dealing with that.  But my diabeties is finally in control. Now time for me to come to you all and blog again. 

I am goning to be changing things up on here.  I want to talk to you about; health, fashion, hair and beauty.  When it comes to health.  I will be talking about being healthy and being diabetic and working out.  It's hard for me to work out now. I used to walk 5 miles a day.  I was losing so much weight from doing this.  Last October, I was diagnose with Neuropathy. That is a foot pain, coming from my diabetes.  So my legs and ankles are really stiff, also have burning pain as well in my feet.  That maakes it hard for me to walk and workout.  I am not going to let this stop me for working out and losing this weight. AGAIN

I am all natural. Well when it comes to my hair lol. I got tired of trying to keep my hair straight.  For my fellow flat or press hair.. You know where i am coming from.  I wanted to do something healthier for my hair. So in June, I went natural.  So will do post about; how to take care, wash it, and style and talk about hair products for natural hair.

I will also  me doing reviews on new brands that i try and OOTD/OOTN

i am so excited to be blogging again.


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