Lucky Jeans: Plus Size Line

Hey Ladies

I am finally gotten a chance to wear the clothes that Lucky Jeans sent me. They sent me 2 tops and 2 of there jeans. So if you didn't know Lucky jeans now sells plus size clothing, from jeans, pants, tops and even jackets as well.  You can order them of there website; or at macy's and nordstrom stores. 

If you didn't know I have been wanting some Lucky Brand jeans since forever.  All my friends wore them. But Since I was a very curvy girl, I had to let go of that dream until today. When I first put them on I notice that they have a lot of give in them.  I should have gotten them in a size smaller that I usually wear.  One thing they didn't do that a lot of jeans do after wearing them all day is loosen up.  You know what i mean, they be cute and tight and after wearing them all day.  They become lose and not cute.  These jeans didn't do that at all. they stay to fit, just like the label said on them. Even my butt look good in these jeans.  When I looked in the mirror and look at my butt. They made my butt look so good. I was like thang girl, is that my butt? lol These jeans will make your butt look so fabulous. Enough said. These jeans are made for curvy women.

So here are the pictures of me wearing the clothes

I want to thank Lucky Jeans, giving me the opportunity to show off there plus size jeans, they have a new customer

Love, Annette


  1. I am definitely going to have to give those a try - they sound really good. And I love the orangey patterned top you're wearing in the first pic as well. Where is that from?


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