Korres Review

Hy Ladies 

Who wants softer lips and body, well I can help you with that. I was lucky that I have gotten a chance to try out Korres; Body and Lip Butters. They sent me to 2 body butters and 2 lip butters.  

There Lip Butters are very smooth, not sticky tinted balm.  They sent me; Plum and Pomegranate. The colors are sheer but still pigmented. I been using them under my lipsticks and Lipgloss to give them more color.  They Keep my lips very smooth and for hours.  

So I have very dry skin, so when lotions or body butters that can help with dry skin. I am very skeptical.  So when I got theses, I was like they smell good but that would be it.  So when I open it I notice that they are so rich, they have a very good texture to it.  My surprise it actually made mu skin so soft.  So now its my #1 one lotion for my hand. 

I would recommend korres products, that are all organic and do what they say they do.

Love, Annette 


  1. Never heard of them before. The lip stains are very pretty colours.


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