Blush: Dark Babies

Hey Ladies 

So I am a big fan of blush. I feel like it can transform a look. So here are some of my favorite blush for dark skin. I will do some for light skin as well. Plus so some dupes for high end blushes as well. 
Nars: Desire; $28.00
Nars: Mati Hari; $28.00

M.A.C: Razin; $14.00

M.A.C Brezzy; $14.00

NYX: Cinnamon; $6.00

Sleek:Pink Spirt; $12.49

Sleek: Flame; $12.49
Mary Kay: Dark Cherry; $10.00
I am in love with this blush, every since we stated to sell it. 
Tarte Amazon Clay Blushes: Chrimas; $26.00

Love, Annette Joseph


  1. I have never tried blush at all. Can you do a post on how to apply it?

  2. I will work on that post, be up in a couple of days


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