Rock some sweats

Hey Divas

So lately I am in a process of losing weight.  So I started to look for cute and fashionable active wear.  I  remember back in the day, I couldn't find any cute sweat fits at al, so I gave up on the search.  But since I have been working out, want to look cute at the gym and even doing some errands.  So I have done some research and there are some nice active wear for the thick diva.   Here are some that I found and want.  

I used to think that you cant be cute wearing active wear, now I know you can look cute and be comfy on those days when just want to chi-lax and do some errands. Now I am going to go active wear crazy. lol lol 

I hope these items make you think about rocking some sweats or active wear. Next will be some shoes to rock with these items. 

LoVe, Annette


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