Take your favorite fragrance with you: Travalo Review

Who wish they can carry there favorite fragrance or even your favorite bath and body mist with you. But hate carrying the heavy bulk bottles in your purse.  Know you don't have to worry about that anymore.  Travalo has come to the rescue.  Travalo is the size of a lipstick and can fit into your pocket and your purse.  It is also TSA approved, so you can travel with your fragrance. 

Travalo can hold on average of 50-60 sprays of perfume, features a window to gauge the level of perfume, lightweight material and shatter-proof, Measures about 3 inches long and weighs only 0.5oz. A funnel isn't needed to refill perfume, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Sounds pretty good doesn't it?
 Here are the steps to fill your Travalo

Choose what fragrance, you want to used

Take the cap off your fragrance, removed the spray cap

Press down the travalo on to the tip of the fragrance. 
This is how it look when you are done. Can see the fragrance in the window. 
If these doesn't help you here is a video as well

This is so great, ladies, you all have to get one of these.  Now I can carry my favorite fragrance with me and travel with it as well.  I am thinking of doing a giveaway on one of these, let me know if you would like that. 
go check out there website: www.travalo.com
LoVe, Annette


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