Mary Kay: Haul for Business

Hey Ladies 

So if you didn't know,  I am a new Mary Kay Representative. I have been one for 2 months now. I did my 1st party a couple of weeks ago. It went pretty good, I made 200.00 on it.  Mary Kay is not like other Home Business, we get 50% off the product we sale.  So my party was $400.00 and so I made $200.00. However I think you should put 50% back into your business. So here are the products that I bought. 
Mary Kay: Makeup Remover:$14.00, Foundation Primer: $16.00
So I bought there Makeup Remover.  Omg this is so good.  It takes off makeup so fast and easy.  Dont leave your skin all oily. I have been using M.A.C forever.  This is way better. 

Eyeshadows L-R $6.50: Precious Pink, Peacoke Blue Iris 
 The price is very reasonable, I will be using these on my customers, for makeovers.

Eyeshadows L-R: Sweet Plum, Azure,  Lemongrass
Blush and Eyeshadow L-R: Citrus Bloom, Emerald 

Here are the colors on my skin, this is without a primer 

Hope you ladies, may want to make and order threw me or even a party ! ! ! 

LoVe, Annette


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