D.I.Y: Friendship bracelet

Hey Divas

So I know a lot of you see that friendship bracelets and arm candy is in. So I saw a freindship bracelet at forever 21 that I wanted.   They wanted 6.00 for it.  I was like; they want 6.00 for this really small friendship bracelet? ! I was like I bet I can make this for way cheaper. So I look up some tutorials and went to get some embroidery floss.  So I made a candy strip friendship bracelet that only cost $1.00.  to make.  Yes, you heard me right only a $1.00.  I bought 18 colors and only spent $6.00.  Where I would have spent that same amount of money and only gotten one bracelet. I can make so many bracelets now. more bracelets are coming divas. 

Embroidery Floss 
Mid way done 

Finish Bracelet

Love, Annette


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