D.I.Y: Cork Jewelry Board

Hey Divas 

So lately I been really wanting to find another way to display and store my necklace.  They are hanging on an old bulletin board, that i have.  It works but, just not cute, or go with my room.  So I been reading and watching YT videos, about making a picture frame jewelry holder.  So I thought, what if i cover my bulletin with some fabric. So today I went to JoAnn's fabric and got some supplies. It wasn't to hard, and didn't take long. I thing it came out pretty good.  Just didn't get the boarder straight as I wanted too. This will work until I can find a big picture frame or get a jewelry case. 

Supplies Needed

Old Bulletin Board
Fabric: Enough to cover the board. 
Fabric Glue
Staple Gun


  1. layout your fabric and place bulletin board face down. (should see the back of the board)
  2. Cut fabric if need. Should have unleash /2 fabric boarder.   So you can staple it to the board.
  3. Start stapling fabric to the board. Start on the bottom.
  4. Then go to the top and stapling that as well, while stapling pull fabric tight. 
  5. Repeat step 4, for the sides.
  6. Now that the fabric is on and staple, time for the trim.
  7. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon for the top, bottom and sides.
  8. Place some fabric glue to the edges of the board and place the ribbon around the board.
  9. Let the board sit for 30 min, while glue dries.
  10. Your Done, now hang and put jewelry back on the board.

This is my board before, putting fabric on it

After taking all my jewelry off 

Finale look: After putting the fabric and ribbon on

LoVe, Annette


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