Chicken Enchiladas

Hey Divas

So this past weekend was mother's day. and I wanted to cook for my mommy. So i made Chicken Enchiladas.  This was my 1st time making it, so i look at a couple of recipes, and decided to turn it into a cassarole.  Here is the recipes, and pictures of the process. I try to take alot of pictures. Since I decied to take pictures of the process half way threw. sorry, this was my 1st food blog. 

            Chicken Enchiladas 

Corn Tortillas 
Mexican sheered Cheese
Can of Olives 
Can of Chilies
3 cups of sheered Chicken
Big can of green enchiladas sauce 
Can of mushroom soup
Olive Oil

So saute some onion and garlic in some olivie oil. The combine chicken, olives, chillies, green enchiladas sauce,  and the can of mushroom soup. Add pepper and salt to taste. let mixture shimmer on the stove for 30 minutes. 

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Put some of the filling in a bottom of a casserole dish. Then sprinkle some cheese on the top, layer some tortillas on top of the filling.  Keep doing this untill the mixture is done and the filling is on the top.  Top it with cheese and place it in the oven for 45 minutes

Filling in pan
1st layer of filling

Then add cheese
Top filling with tortillas, and keep doing this till filling is gone. and make sure that the filling is the last layer

vola' and here it is bake

 LoVe, Annette


  1. I bet your mom loved that - looks pretty fancy!


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