Beauty is not Defined by the size of your Jeans

I found this short list on tumblr, and I wanted to share with my readers. I think these ten things are important to know. Repeat them to yourself as often as you need.
  1. You are beautiful.  Not always and not to everyone, but we are all beautiful and deserving of love. 
  2. You do not have justify your body to anyone.  Not to your family, your friends, your doctor, your partners.  It is your body.  No one else’s.
  3. You are allowed to take up space.  Use the world around you to your advantage.  Be present in the world in as much space as you need to feel comfortable and safe.
  4. You are more than your body.  You have emotional, spiritual, and mental worth.  People might see your body first, but everything else about you matters just as much.
  5. You are allowed to change your body if you want to.  You can gain or lose weight if it is your choice to do so.  No one should shame you for either choice.  You are also allowed to keep your body exactly the way it is right now, in this moment.
  6. You are allowed to be angry over fatphobia.  You do not have to sit quietly and let those around you make you feel bad for your size.  You can be angry, resentful, hurt, sad.  You can speak out against fatphobia.  You can reject diet and weight loss talk if you do not want to hear it.
  7. You can use the word fat.  If you feel fat, you can use the word fat.  You can reclaim it as a positive.  You can use fat as a descriptor.  No one can tell you that you are too small to use it.  If it is part of who you are, do what’s best for you.
  8. You can love other fat people.  You can make fat and fat ally communities.  You can surround yourself with positive forces.  You can make fat love.  You can fat love yourself.
  9. You can wear what you want.  Crop tops and short shorts.  Mumus.  Tutus and ties.  It is up to you.  Don’t let societal pressures like ‘flattering’ dictate your outfits.
  10. You can be fat.  That is good.  That is ok.  That is a celebration. 

LoVe, Annette


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