Bare Escentuals Matt Foundation Review

Hey Ladies

If you didn't know I am working on becoming and free-lance makeup artist.  Right now I have been working on my techniques and looking for a job as a beauty advisor.  While working on my techniques my friends said that i should try to used and a tinted moisturizer or and foundation.  That it will help even out my skin out and look make it look flawless.  I always feel like I didnt need foundation.  Then I started thinking,  that it be good to used.  Help everything else pop and look flawless.  Just like my friends where suggesting.  So i didn't want anything to heavy or cakey.  So I went to my local sephora and seek out a foundation.  I talk to one of the ladies there and she said i should try Bare Escentuals.  She was telling me that it is a light to medium coverage, it all depends on your application.  Since its minerals it is good for my skin, and wont break me out.  So I pick out there starter kit.   It's retail value is $125.00, but it only cost 65.00.  In the kit you will received: Foundation, Mineral Veil, Warmth and 3 brushes.  

Here are some pictures I took wearing the foundation.  In the picture it seem like you cant tell i am wearing it, but I can tell. Let me know if you can tell

 Before Foundation 


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