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Hey My Divas,

 So today I am coming to you with a Review/Haul. I was at Target this last friday with my mom. I was looking for a blender. But my mom said she needed some Mascara. So I decided to look around the makeup aisle. So I ended up in the Covergirl section. I was looking at the new Queen Collection. The Queen Collection is the line of items that the Mrs. Queen Latifah came out with. The colors are meant for Women of Color. So I noticed her lipsticks and I been wanting to get into lipsticks. Just trying to figure out what colors will look right on me. So i said to myself, "Annette should try them out". So here are the colors that I got.

Mocha Locha

 Close up of Mocha Locha

 Royal Plum

 Close up of Royal Plum 


Close up of Spellbound 


I am in love with these lipsticks! My favorite color is Spellbound, and I am working on it looking better on me. My mom said that it looks good on me, but I'm just not used to anything on my lips.  I love Mocha Locha. Plus Spellbound is bright and out there. But for my overall review I think that Queen Latifah was on point with this collection. Her line has colors that will work for everyone.... even the Brown Sistas!  The lipsticks are very moist and have a little shine to them, so lipgloss is not necessary. So hope you go out and check them out! 

Love, Annette


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