TAG: My Plus Size Fashion Style

Height: 5'6 1/2"
Clothing Size: 20/22 with and occasion 18
Shoe Size: 9 - 9 1/2
Body Shape: Inverted Triangle
Favorite Clothing Item: Skinny Jeans
Favorite accessories: Bangles and necklace, trying to get into scarfs
Skirts or Pants: Pants, till i find the right skirt
Do you wear jeans? If so, what cut do you prefer?:  Yes I do wear Jeans, and I love skinny jeans. I know for my shape say i should wear a bootcut. For me they make me look shorter, so forget the rule and do me.

Body Part I like to enhance: legs and my breast 

Body Part I try to hide: I tired to not hide my tummy just minimized it.

Colors I like to wear: Pink (I used to hate pink, my friend introduce us and be lovers ever since), Purple, Blues and Blacks 

What fashion trend do you think you cannot rock for your body type?: Well I would say the crop top, but i have made a way for me to rock it, so not sure what trend I cant wear. I will keep you posted

What fashion trend I think I can rock best ?: I am loving the animal print. Just brought my 1st animal print, and also love the color blocking.

Heels or not?: No heels, i am flat footed.  Wearing heels kills my feet

Do you wear swimsuits? If so, what's your fave style?: Yes. I like the tankini  with some shorts, but this year bought my 1st one piece and i am in LOVE with it

Fave lingerie style: Don't have any Lingerie, but since my baby is in my life. That will change soon.

My personal style:  Feminine. I like trends. I like dresses. I am most likely to add a unique piece of jewelry or shoes to complete a look.

Fave Plus Size Icon: Amber Riley,Adele, brooke elliott and Hayley Hasselhoff

Fave Plus Size Model: Mia Amber Davis R.I.P

Is there a plus size icon that you think reflects more than others your personal style and/or body type?: Nope

Fave curvy Fashion blogger: OMG to many to name

Fave plus size fashion youtuber?:Omg to many for me to name 

Plus Size clothing brands you prefer? Forver 21+,Torrid, Lane Bryant, American Rag (macys) and Target

Fave Plus Size Designer: DKNY

Fave Regular Size Fashion Designer: Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Tommy Hillfiger and DKNY and so much more 

Where do you shop for clothes most?: Forever 21+, Torrid, Lane Bryant and target 

Places where you shop for shoes: Anywhere and everywhere with cute styles and good prices

Places where you usually shop for lingerie: Lane Bryant

Do you prefer to shop for clothes online or in shops?: In shops

When you choose clothes, what do you go for mostly, the looks or comfort?:  I like both. I want something that is both appealing to me looks wise, but still comfortable.

When choosing clothes, what do you go for mostly, quality or convenience?: Convenience, but sometimes i will go for quality, it depends on the item I am looking at.

What sort of relationship do you have with your body and fashion?:  Right now, a very loving relationship. Learning to love what I have more and more each day, and I love expressing myself through fashion. It makes me happy.


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