Lipglosses Battle: M.A.C Vs. Avon

Hey Plus-Sized Divas,

Well if you didn't know that I LOVE Lip Glosses, they are one of my favorite makeup products. So i was sitting here looking at all the different brands of lip glosses that i have. I have E.L.F, Avon, Lo'real, M.A.C and so much more. But I did notice that I have more M.A.C than any other brand in my collection. I was like why is that? am I makeup snob? And just don't give other brands a chance? Maybe because M.A.C was the 1st brand i starting wearing, when I got into makeup? I just don't even know.

If you don't know, I sell Avon. It has almost been a year, and i haven't even tired that many products, and that's not good. If someone ask me if a product is good, should be able to tell them. So I gave myself a challenged to try some of there products. Since I love lip glosses and I wear them on a daily basic. I would try there lip glosses, so I try 3 of there lip glosses: Glazewear, Long-lasting lip glosses and there sister line Mark lip glosses glow baby glow lip glosses.

Mark Glow Baby Glow
So this lip glosses was really nice. It has a small minty smell to it, i am not a big fan of the smell of mint. But that is not going to stop me from wearing i. It last very long. its very smooth and not sticky like M.A.C can be. Colors are very nice, and love the shimmers in it.

Avon PERFECT WEAR Extralasting Lip Gloss
I was skeptical about this product when it claimed that it wouldn't feather or dry out but I am so glad I tried it. This lip gloss did not feather on me, lasts thru meals and has won me over.

Avon's Glazewear
I love these lip glosses. The colors are excellent. They come in all different finishes from: Shimmer, Sparkler and matted looking colors. The consistency is just right without being too thin or thick. It keeps my lips moisturize, don't get that icky peeling feeling after you wear it all day.

So I recommend that you tired some of Avon's Lip glosses. I would give them a 8 out of 10.


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