Forever 21 Haul/Review

So I finally got a chance to go to a forever 21 where they sale the plus sized (forever 21 +), last week @ the Great Mall in Milpitas. It was so big ladies, they had big accessories area. OMG you could go crazy in this store.

So finally I found the plus sized area. It was kinda hard to figure what sized to get. I am usually a 18/20 in clothes sometimes a 22 in pants. Plus I look at the sized chart online. It said that that it was for 17/18 , but had the measurements for a sized 20-22. So went ahead and I tired on some tops, dress and even some pants, in a sized 2x and 3x.

Review Time

Tops: I tired on all kinds of tops: tees, button ups and blouses. I was able to wear a 2x in a lot of tops. If the top is a blousy, then should go up a sized. Plus you need to know a little about fabric, since some of there tops have a lot of stretch in them. Meaning they will stretch out and look like its to big, so go down a sized.

Bottoms: I was able to wear a sized 18-20 in there jeans and pants. I was so shocked. They run big so a lot of ppl can wear there bottoms.

Dresses: Well i couldn't really wear there dress, since my boobs wouldn't let me


I would recommend to go tired out there clothes. They are really cute and the price really reasonable. The sized chart said that, they go to a sized 17/18. but you can be a sized 20/22 and fit there clothes. So you know what that mean ladies, always try things on, you never know what will fit. Dont look at the sized. here is the items that i got


  1. Love it! Very versatile pieces that can be paired with anything!! Great post.


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