Love is wonderful

Hello my plus sized divas

Well Mrs Annette is in a relationships, for the 1st time. I have never had a boyfriend. I am not saying never been on any dates. Hell i I been on million of dates. Just never found a guy that i wanted to be with. I have finally found that guy who i want to be my boyfriend, and that is Jereese. I love how he makes me feel everyday. He treats me like a queen. He even supports me with going to school. He will send me cute messages, saying "babe have a good day in school" or "Get home safe." I don't think He really know how much that means to me.

I used to be so jealous of my friends, since they all had a boyfriends. They would always would be like, you will find someone when you are not looking. That's what happen with Jereese. I was checking my myspace page one day, and got a message from this guy. He was like "I love your page and you are so beautiful, love to chat with u." I always get messages from guys on myspace, but When i message them back, they never responded. Not Jereese, he responded in the same day. We have been chatting since Feb. When we meet 3 weeks ago, I knew that he was my soul mate. Since we took our time getting to know each other, without seeing each other. made our connection so strong

I can see us together for forever. . . . . . . .

Love you babe



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