30 days of me: Day 9

Day 09: Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Well if you don't know, I am attending art school. My major is Graphic Design. Plus I am dyslexic. So school is a hard for me sometimes. It is so hard to tell people that i am dyslexic, scared what they say or the way they would judge me. It was hard in school in from; elementary to high school. Some ppl thought that I was lazy or just didn't care. That wasn't the case., finally someone listen to me and I got tested. Now look at me today, I am a college student.

So I am taking a English class. We are writing about out favorite activity. Today we got back our papers, and my teacher love it. I was so shock and happy at the same time. That is a big accomplishment for me. Some ppl wouldn't think so, but i do and i am happy


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