What Does " I love You" Mean

I was talking to my male friend tonight, and I was telling him that I need help on a topic for my Plus Sized Divas. He was like what about love and Relationships? and I was what about it. He was like "what do love means 2 u?" I was like, Respect, Support, Taking care of each other, loving me inside and out. But he got me thinking. Maybe haven't been in love. Or know how to love. But...... I am in a new relationship, think he will be the one to show me what real love is.

Tell me Ladies, what do love mean to you? Have you been in love? Do you believe in love? Do you believe in soul mates? I would love to hear from you. I found this quote about love, can you relate to this.........

It is not enough to tell someone you love them on a regular basis if there is no passion and fire behind the statement. We often say the words, “I love you” without really feeling the meaning of them. Yeah we know the words mean, ”You matter to me… I care about what happens to you…. I think you’re pretty cool.” But there is so much more to it then that. When we are first falling in love, we think about the ideas of what that means. We analyze the relationship and each other. We really look at what is developing and we evaluate whether or not it is safe to say those three little words. It is a big deal to make the decision to say it to someone else. How will they receive it? Do they feel the same way? Will they say, “I love you, too” or will they mumble something about having a meeting they forgot about? After the relationship is going along successfully, we forget to really think about what it means to still be saying, “I love you” to the other person.

By Skye Thomas


  1. This is good. Like really good. Its crazy, i think there are different levels of love? I was in love, or so I thought I was, the first love, went bonkers, and everything. Then a few years later, I dated someone else, and totally thought I was in love with him, but this was a different type of love. It was the mature love, and maybe the time before was puppy love? Anywho. I think that love is just a word, often used as a action word at that. It doesnt mean anything until you put some passion, and emotion into it though!
    I really like this topic though, I can really seeing this being broken down a bit and into a mini series you know?

  2. that is a good idea girl, i will do that


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