PLus Sized Diva Of The Week . . . . . . Amber Riley

Hello my Plus Sized Diva's

Well I will be posting a Diva of the week. To show we have some beautiful Plus Sized divas in the world. The wold better look out for us, plus sized is coming. We ar
e not slowing down for no one

Here is my girl Amber Riley, You should know her famous role on Glee. Where she is playing Miss Mercedeces Jones. She so fabolouse lady, she one of my fav
orite charaters on the show. She show that plus sized is beautiful, and we can be sassy. You have to check her out.


  1. I like Amber's style too.. She is fun and quirky.. but always chic. I will DEFINITELY be rocking that last look when the weather gets a little cooler.. I'll have to add that to my inspirational looks right now!

  2. i love splashes of colors! very fun and girly =)

    x Mavy

  3. I am a HUGE fan of Amber! She's so beautiful and dresses oh so well!


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