Do you have . . . . . . . video on Confidence. This is a very good topic for me to talk talk about ?

Well this mouring, I went to YT to check out my favorite YT channels. I Landed on ItsNikaBrown channel. She was so doing a video on confidence. This is a very good topic to talk about. I know a lot of us Plus Sized Divas had sometime in there lifes where they wasn't as confident in there self. You Divas are Probably having a hard time thinking that. Specially when you look at our Blogs or even a YT videos. We have so much confidence in our self.

However you have to come from a low to get to loving yourself. Some of us never had this problem. Well I had a low time in my life. When I was younger I had a hard time being a chunky kid growing up to be a plus sized teen. I thought I was FAT and UGLY. Wondering why no guy wasn't trying to holla me, or looking at me. When you think like that, that's the kind the vibe you are putting out there, so no one wants to brother you. I wish I knew that when I was younger. I think it would have help me out. Wait I know it would have help me out. It took one guy, to tell me I was beautiful, Sexy, Sassy. For me to believe it that I am that girl. Still took me a while after that he was right. I would think, what is he seeing that i don't see. I would be like "Really? " But then something hit me, and I started to change my whole mind set. Starting thinking like maybe he is right. I am beautiful and sexy. So I started to change. When I did, I notice that guys where looking at me. I started to feel good, about who I was and how I look. Now look at me, I love who I am inside and out.

I know its hard sometimes to have confidence in your self. specially when someone is talking about you. he/she is not even happy with who they are. So they make other people feel bad about them self. To make them feel good about there self. That's is not right. If you have a friend like that, then they are truly not your friend. Should let them go as a freind. I think having good friends, who love you for who you are. Is the best medicince for confidence. As Jay-Z said it, " Dust Your Shoulders Off ". Just be you and only you. If you don't love yourself, how do you except someone else to love you. You know my Plus Sized Divas?

I want all my Plus Sized Divas, to love them self. I hope that my blog makes you love who you are. and embrace your self.

Plus I want you all to do this for me. Look in the mirror and find something that you love about your self. Try to do this everyday for a month. It can be something simple at 1st. Like for and example, I Love my smile. So try to do this. I wold love for you all to tell me how this makes you feel . Just leave me a comment or drop me and email.



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