Bath And Body Works Haul . . . . . Ever

I have some gift cards for my birthday. One was for Bath And Body Works (BBW). This weekend I made a trip to BBW. When I was looking around, I saw a item that one of my favorite blogger and YT lady Kasey (kbkirven). When she did a haul for BBW. She was raving about there new Summer Vanilla Collection. So I wanted to try one. OMG when I spelled Berry Summer Vanilla. I was in heaven, its so fruity but also soft at the same time. I think this is a good balance.

On my way to the counter, the sales lady was telling me about there new frangracne, called Forever Sunshine. So she spray some of the frangrance on me. I Had step back into heaven, for the 2nd time. It smells like a warm summer night. I was thinking well this be a good night scent for summer. So I need both, one for day and one for night. If you can get your hands on one, get the one Berry Summer Vanilla,. since this is a summer limted edition.



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