Back To School Series: Tops/ Other Pt. 1

Hey My Plus Size Divas,

Here is is the Must have for Back to school, There is 3 parts

1. V-Necks/ Graphic
  • V-Necks are great to have. They can go with a lot of different outfits.
  • Graphic Tees are greatwith jeans.
  • cute with jeans and a hot jacket or Blazer.
2. Flirty Tops
  • Just because summer is gone. Doesn't mean you can't wear your little flirty tops.
  • Wear with Jeggins/Leggings
  • Pair with a nice cardigan or fly away
3. Button-up Shirt
  • Good for a casual day
  • Wear with some Jeans or leggings
  • Nice little flats
4. Sweaters
  • Great basic item
  • Wear with jeans/jeggings/ leggins
  • wear with cute flirty tops
5. Fly Away Cardigans
  • Good to wear with your V-neck or Graphic Tee.
  • Wear with any bottoms.


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