Men. . . Daiting. . . . . . Plus Sized

I think it is so hard to date. its our generation ladies. Plus on top of that, I am a plus sized women. It is hard to find a guy who loves a girl with some extra meat on her bones. I wish that people would love someone for who they are, inside and out. But no thats is not the case. We are in 2010 people we should just get over this. There are so many plus sized women who are sexy and beautiful in this world. There are guys that are out there. that like girls with some meat on there bones. However are scared to tell there friends and family. One thing that I have notice. That now there are showing more plus sized women getting the man in movies and TV. I guest that give us hope. But you know what my beautiful Plus Sized women, this is our time. We are here and they better get used to it



  1. While there may be some discrimination that still exists there are a lot of men who like plus size women- and those are the ones to focus on not the ones who don't. You have to also consider for those who don't a lot of times it's just a matter of preference, attraction or even commonality. If its a mans (or womens for that matter) preference is not to date someone who is plus sized than that is there right and offense should not be taken.. We all go after what attracts us. For me my preference is men with an athletic build, who are taller than me, dark skinned and clean cut-now does that mean I haven't dated a short, light skinned guy before-No. Afterall preferences are not hardfast rules, they can be broken. Also I brought up commonality- we want someone who has things in common with us. So if you have a health nut for example they will have a mutual interest w/ somone who views excercise and health as highly as they do. Again that's not to say they cannot have anything esle in common w/ someone plus sized but just saying that could be a factor in preference and attraction. In all your right, people should be judged and loved for who they are and not what they look like- but you also can't judge someone for their personal attracton preference because we all have them-it's just when were on the opposite side of that attraction that it hits home.


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