Plus sized can look . . . . . . hot

I get so tired, seeing big girls look a hot mess in public. Here you are looking a hot mess. There are so many places that we as plus sized women, can shop to look good. People are ready have assumptions of a plus sized women. Like we are suppose to be wearing baggy clothes etc.

So don't let them be right, lets prove them wrong. I think there should be no accused to looking a hot mess. We do have some nice places to shop (Will do a list of places that i shop or know of). I think that all the designers should get with the program. Start making clothes for plus sized women. They don't know how much money they are losing. So my Beautiful Plus Sized Women, we have to be on top of our game. So lets show these skinny people we can look hot, sexy and cute just like them

Here Is a listed of places i shop of know off, if you know any places that i didnt post, please let me know'

Lane Bryant
Ashely Stewart
Old Navy
Forever 21 (Faith 21)



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