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Hey Divas

I am trying to get my sexy back, by getting healthy. So I have been eating really healthy and even going walking and running.  So I have been looking for a good water bottle to take with me while I am walking/running or even doing errands. 

They said the more water you drink is better. I was trying find a good bottles so I can carry my water with me. So I started to buy bottle water.  That was getting way to expensive and to much work.  Since I had to make trips to the recycled place, to take my bottles to get recycled.   

Then I was at target and I saw this cool bottle called a Bobbel.  I was so glad when I found this bottle.   So i took a chance and contacted the compan. To ask if I could do a review on there bottles.  So they responded and they said that they would send me there 18 Oz. water bottle to review.  

Product Information 

It is a reusable water bottle that has an activated charcoal filter in the spout. This solves my problem of providing the idea of clean and good tasting water without needing to wait for the filter to clean the water.Each filter is the equivalent of 300 single-serve plastic water bottles. So over the course of a year, bobble removes more than a thousand bottles from the environment.


I was so excited when I got it.  That I wash it and took it for a test drive.  It was a sat, so I took it with me while I shop and did some errands. This bottle is so kool. It is the right size to put in your purse. The water Bobble is low cost solution to making sure the water you drink is clean and potable. There is nothing wrong with tap water but for those with anxiety or just don't like the taste of tap water, this is a good solutions.

I don't go nowhere without my Bobble.  I want to tell all my friends and family about it, or even buy them one.  So they can experience with me.  I also want to get the bobble jug to put into my refrigerator. So when I am at home can have fresh water at a drop of a hat. 


The Bobble is available in 3 sizes, the original 18.5oz, a larger 34oz and a smaller 13oz. Bobbles
retail at $9.95, $12.95 and $8.95 respectively. There is also a special 13oz kids’ bobble which
comes with multicolored filters and stickers to personalize. This also retails at $8.95.

After drinking out of my water bottle 

About to leave with my bobble 

LoVe, Annette


  1. Cool, I've never heard of those before. I like the narrow middle so you can grip it easily.


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