Healthy Choice: Pizza

Hey Ladies

So Who loves pizza? I know i do, but I cant eat alot of it, since i am diabetic and trying to lose weight. So I was like I know there is a way for me to eat pizza and not feel guilty. So I found it ! Yeah ! You know where are all the calories and fat and even sugar comes from pizza? It's all in the crust. So my pizza is made out of a 100% whole grain crust.  Here is the recipe for the pizza.


1 Flatout Bread
2 Tablespoons Of Pizza Sauce 
1/4 Cup Of Fat-Free Mozzarella
14 Turkey Pepperonis 
Handful of Olives
Handful of Mushrooms

LoVe, Annette 


  1. I know a girl who eats spaghetti sauce without spaghetti since all the tasty and nutritious stuff is in the sauce anyway :)


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